House Projects

First big project: Extending deck

Step 1. Remove layer of "grass"

 Step 2. Dig holes for 4x4 posts. The post are located 5 ft apart and 10 ft away from the exiting post. Code states that the span between posts should not be longer than 8 ft, but since I'll interconnect the new and existing supporting beams I can set them 10 ft aside.

 Step 3. Pour Concrete.

 Step 4. Remove deck boards from existing deck to expose the post and support beam

Step 5. Install 4x4 posts, support beam (2x10) and the deck joists (2x8)

Step 6. Install deck boards

Grill Cave off the side
 Step 7.  Notch out 4x4 posts. 40 inches from the top and 1.5 inches in depth.

 Step 8.  Install Post with 2 lag screws

Step 9. Install railings.

Step 10. Step back and enjoy the result. 


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